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Terms and Conditions



Part Works

We don't sell part works, fabric or patterns for completion without prior arrangement at the time of placing the order.



You can cancel the order at any time, however order cancellation will incur a 10% fee of the final order work value plus the cost of any bought materials and work completed to date.


Failure to pay will result in said work being sold for the balance owed. Fabrics and parts bought for cancelled projects remain the property of OddTogs.



We will do fitting toilles (cotton mock-ups) where required to ensure correct fit, trousers only if one is required for specific fit. Work will be patterned and created to measurements provided to me, or taken by me at client cost.


Any significant weight gain or loss between this date and the completion date is not my responsibility and will incur extra costs if remakes are required.


Full payment required on completion and before handover. We do not accept returns.



Where monthly payment plans are in place, a lapse of either payment or contact for more than 3 months without prior arrangement will result in order cancellation.


Any bought materials and work completed to date will remain the property of OddTogs. This is to protect us as payment plans are made in good faith and often at our cost.



I will attempt to send all orders in a cost effective manner, however all customs, import duties, fees and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. If returned for any reason then reposting will be at the buyer's cost.


Club Clearance

No guarantees are made regarding Clearance for Costume Clubs. This is because there are many factors affecting fit and clearance. There is no such thing as 'off the rack approval' for this reason. We will however do our best to adhere to guidelines for clearance and we for our Star Wars sets we adhere to the 501st CRLs.

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