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Set of fabric parts to accompany Cosmic’s fantastic Trevor set!

Choose from the butt cape, shirt, trousers or big cape, or go all out with the full set. All pieces are made with linen and coordinated with Cosmic for fit and finish.

The trousers are lined linen with pockets and finished with button braces and stirrups for easy wear.

The butt cape is double linen, swagged to fit and sits under the main leatherwork.

The shirt is a plain black mandarin collar linen shirt, with buckles, and with fitted cuffs to sit neatly under the gauntlets.

Finally, the cloak has a large collar, central knot and shaped centre front. This is a big cloak, perfect for dramatic swooshing, being incredibly extra and moody walking to camera shots!

Trevor - Cosmic Workshop Fabric Pieces

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