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Kylo Ren costume made according to the 501st CRL.


This set includes the two piece pleated layer, provided unwaxed, and glossy surcoat, hood and scarf, unwaxed trousers and Starkiller style midcoat.

The Surcoat set is made in the Joanns basketweave with a gloss finish.

The pleats and sleeves are canvas with cotton twill piping.

The trousers are denim cotton.

The midcoat is a mottled viscose mix in Starkiller style, however this is not replica fabric.


Please note I do not do waxed pleats or pants anymore due to physical disability, there are many videos on YouTube explaining techniques though.

All pieces are patterned from scratch to your measurements.


Please be aware that these costumes take a considerable amount of time to make. They must also be shipped with insurance at full value.


Not included: helmet, gloves, belt, neckseal, lightsaber.


No guarantees are made regarding club clearance as I am not a clearance officer. This piece is made according to the CRL and I have had many Kylos cleared, however clearance depends on fit, which relies on accurate measurements.

Kylo Ren - The Force Awakens, Costume Replica, Custom Made to Measure

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