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Kylo Ren cosplay piece made according to the 501st CRL. This is for the pleated sleeves only, provided unwaxed and mounted on a stretch mesh undershirt.
These can be worn with any Episode 7 or 8 Kylo costume.

There are two options for the sleeves now - Episode 7, which hit the base of the thumb, or Episode 8, which is just over the wrist. Please specify!

Please note I do not wax pleats anymore. I am happy to advise on technique and materials.
The sleeves are bias cut, pleated, piped and zipped closed.

All pieces are patterned from scratch to your measurements.

No guarantees are made on club clearance as clearance depends on many factors, however the OddTogs made Starkiller Kylo pictured is cleared with the 501st Outer Rim.

For non urgent items or instalments please message OddTogs on Facebook.

Kylo Ren Costume, Sleeves Only, Star Wars, Cosplay, Made To Order

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