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In light of the recent rubbish from She Who Must Not Be Named, we now donate all profits from these to Trans charities.

Hogwarts belongs to us all, it’s the place that will always welcome you back, and I will always love that world. It is more now than just the books. However. Trans rights are human rights and we move forward together.


Wear your House with pride! These flowers are made from velvets, silks, satins and metallics, with a centrepiece showing the House critter. They are finished with Swarovski crystals in house colours.


  • Gryffindor - Red & Gold, Lion
  • Slytherin - Green & Silver, Snake
  • Ravenclaw - Blue & Bronze, Eagle
  • Hufflepuff - Yellow & Black, Badger


They can be mounted on a pin or hair clip or left unfinished. The flowers measure approximately 10cm across.

House Pride - Harry Potter Inspired Hair Accessories

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